Instruments to Build the Band

The Jungle School marching Band is hitting a high note playing music that fills the air with hope. This young band of high school students from San Andres, Peten in northern Guatemala are on a winning streak taking third place in local, district and regional competitions. After only one year since their inception this dynamic band is leaving the villages talking as they head for a national competition. Their big challenge now is that they need more instruments.  All of the band members come from very poor families, they are all trusting the Lord and the generous hearts of people like yourself to make their dreams come true. The instrument list is as follows:  10 TRUMPETS, 10 SAXAPHONES, 10 TROMBONES, 5 CLARINETS, 5 FLUTE, 5 SOUNDING BOARDS, 5 XYLOPHONES and 1 TUBA.


Beautiful Reforestation Project

Join The Jungle Schools “ green initiative “ planting trees to provide oxygen, soil preservation, and a future wood supply. The trees also serve for nutritional purposes, shade and habitats for many kinds of wildlife. Too much of the earth’s rainforests have been lost to senseless human devastation and fires. You can help replenish and replant today! 16,000 sapling trees are waiting to be planted in 2013. For just $2.00 a tree you can be a part of turning wastelands into productive forests again.  Moringa is just one of the amazing trees that HIA is planting with your help. Every part of this healing tree is useful and rich in health benefits, vitamins and minerals. Moringa offers a myriad of medicinal uses and has a high nutritional impact. The dried ground leaves of this tree are known worldwide to prevent malnutrition and better general health. Students at TJS will benefit from the moringa leaves being added to their diet as well as children in the feeding programs in surrounding villages. The moringa is just one of the reforestation trees types being planted.   Others include, cedar, mahogany and melina.


Construct a Computer Lab in a primitive setting

Finish the construction of a secure classroom and equip a new computer lab for more than 250 students at the Jungle School in Peten, Guatemala. This is a highly important project because we want to give our kids the best and also because it is now a requirement that Guatemalan high schools teach computer skills. This will help young people make the leap into the modern world of communication and information.                                               



Complete The Jungle School Library

Reading is critical in our world and yet there are still many people living in the dark ages. Situated among villages where illiteracy prevails, HIA is making a difference and helping children become readers and leaders through enjoying books and moving towards literacy. These children are the generation of change for their villages. As readers, they will acquire better jobs that will enable them to break the poverty cycle that has held their families bound for centuries. The library addition includes flooring, windows, doors, bookcases, check out area, study tables and chairs, as well as an outside deck classroom and special reading nook with a stage.


Add The Jungle School Administrative Wing

You can be a part of a brighter future for a rural school in a developing nation. Help build the administrative addition of the Jungle School in San Andres, Guatemala. This addition includes construction of 2 offices for the elementary and high school directors, a reception and waiting area, a teachers work room, resource room with kitchenette and the first school bathroom.  All of the fixtures, electrical and plumbing work are included. Every school needs good administrative spaces for meetings and effective planning. This project even includes the furnishings in these rooms.  


Preschool and Elementary Playgrounds

Increase the fun and put smiles on hundreds of children’s faces with the construction of two new school playgrounds. Play is essential to children`s well being laying the foundation for reading, writing, math, reasoning and creativity.  These playgrounds will service groups both large and small, as well as, 350 children daily from TJS.  Cost includes plans, materials and installation. Go ahead and smile!


Build a Modern Multi-Purpose Center and parking

Old buildings on the jJungle HIA Ranch are slowly being replaced with new ones that promote a greater sense of community. This multi-purpose center will be a welcoming environment offering fresh, modern architecture that promotes social awareness, the sharing of information and forward thinking in the fields of health, recreation, education, industry and the environment. From forums to festivities, this air-conditioned multi-purpose building will be an ideal spot for unique events, offering an adaptable space to peer into the mind and life of issues facing the Mayan Biosphere. It will also house school functions and add to the self-sustainability of the Ranch through catered events.                    

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