From the heart of the jungle

Hearts in Action is a Christian organization focused on empowering people and driving innovation in rural communities through education, economic opportunities, and environmental programs. Join us in helping to bring development, breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a brighter future for generations to come in the Petén Jungle of Guatemala.


Children are the future, and our goal is to help them grow and thrive. We believe that education can break the cycle of generational poverty throughout the world.



This planet is our home, and at Hearts in Action, we strive to leave this world a better place than we found it. As stewards of the jungle, we are advancing everyday in our quest to protect the Mayan biosphere.



While education is the stepping off point, enterprise is where workers out of Hearts in Action can put their gifts to use.

our values

As a Christian nonprofit, Hearts in Action is focused on building up young people and adults in the Petén with a sense of purpose and identity. Whether through formal schooling, better health care, nutritious meals, creative experiences or greater opportunities for development and employment, HIA is engaged in showing the love of Jesus and a future with hope to our children and our communities.

Meet Edgar

Edgar’s father and older brother were killed when he was a young boy. He had never studied untill age 11 when a Hearts in Action team member asked if he would like to study at The Jungle School. Edgar now has so much fun learning and having friends to play soccer with during recess. His teacher says he learns quickly and is excelling in his studies. Edgar balances the hard work of living on a farm with the bright opportunities of studying. His family is very proud of him and grateful for the doors opened through Hearts in Action. Edgar hopes to be a soldier someday to serve the people of Guatemala.

Meet Wendy

I live with my grandmother and younger brother in a village called Ixhuacut. Our house is simple and we have an outhouse. I don´t know my father and my mother left when I was a toddler. My grandmother raised me but now she has alzheimers so I cook and clean for her and care for my younger brother. We have pet dogs and hens. My favorite colors are red and fuchsia.  I like coming to The Jungle School, its a really nice school and we learn about God. I fortunate to have been here since kindergarten and I hope to graduate from TJS as well. I like to draw and would like to be a fashion designer and sew clothing to sell.

Meet Jorge

I live with my mother in a small town called Nuevo San Josè. I help at home by gathering firewood and cleaning around the house. I love coming to The Jungle School and playing in the school band. I'm learning to play different instruments. I am 18 years old and I want to continue studying in order to graduate and  get a good job to help support my mother since my father is not part of the picture.

When I was younger my mom did her best putting me in one school after another so that I could learn to read and write but she would have to take me out to go wherever she could find work. Today I'm really grateful for a steady education at The Jungle School where my mom is now a cook and my passion is art.

Meet Jonatan

My favorite subject is English. I love studying at The Jungle School and am so grateful to have the opportunity to study here.  This is where I learned about God and met Jesus.  I used to wake up while it was still dark and make my way through the jungle to get to The Jungle School.  Many people told me I was crazy for doing everything I did to be able to go to school, but today I realized it was all worth it!  I am graduating from The Jungle School this year and already have a job offer!  I look forward to the opportunity to help support my family now and help my younger siblings have the opportunity to come to The Jungle School as well.  Also, now I get to go to church and I want to help youth know how much God loves them and work with youth like Hearts In Action and my sponsors did for me!

Helping people live
their true potential.

We believe that education can break the cycle of generational poverty throughout the world. Hearts in Action hopes to activate people to live to their true potential. Since 1999, The Jungle School has become a thriving pre-school, elementary, secondary, and vocational school for children in the San Andres community of Peten, Guatemala.

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Meet Edgar Abelardo López

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Located in the heart
of Central America.

The Peten jungle in northern Guatemala is home and headquarters to Hearts in Action. We are situated in the Maya Biosphere, which was created in 1990 to protect the largest remaining area of American tropical forest north of the Amazon. Human activity is threatening the biospheres very existence, from illegal logging, burning for farming and extreme deforestation for cattle ranchers. This biosphere is highly endangered. Peten now has 91% of all the cattle ranches in Guatemala. Ranchers are interested in grasses and not trees. HIA is working hard to educate, plant trees and raise awareness about serious issues affecting the future of the rainforest. Entire eco systems are being decimated and with them go the animals, plants, water and the jobs that could have been if the natural resources had been cared for and used well.

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