Celebrating the traditions and culture of Peten through social enterprise.

Our current startups:

itza wood

bee collective and honey Production

Tropical Fruits & Gourmet food Company

Enterprise is where the team of workers at Hearts in Action can put their gifts to use. There is a clear argument for enterprise to have a strong presence in the curriculum of all schools and colleges. By combining enterprise with education, our curriculum enhances entrepreneurial skills that employers seek and it allows community members to create their own definition of success.

We want our micro enterprises to flourish, giving back to the Peten community in powerful ways that bring local change. We are creating new enterprises to boost tourism, artisan workshops and events where community members can showcase and sell their products both locally and to the world. Whether through farmers markets or family festivals, we aim to inspire others to use their skill sets to foster an eco-system of entrepreneurship and collaboration that will make the San Andres, Peten region a hub of innovation.

42full time people employed in enterprise
60families given work opportunities

Welcome to Itza Wood

Itza Wood is social venture working in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle handcrafting quality home furnishings out of sustainable, exotic, native wood and stone. The brush strokes of nature surprise us in color, pattern, texture and form. The woods from the Peten jungle seem to capture them all on one canvas, creating rare masterpieces.

With the mission of giving back to the Peten community, Itza Wood employs local artisans who leverage their historic knowledge to produce one of a kind pieces. Each product is not only a unique work of art, but is also an expression of the Guatemalan jungle and a testament to the beauty and biodiversity of this regions tropical woods and stone.

To date, Itza Wood employs 36 full time workers and provides an additional 25 families with part time work. 45,000 trees have been planted, and through purchasing FSC certified wood, we are promoting sustainable logging. Itza Wood is selling in both Guatemalan and United States retail locations. www.itzawood.com

Beehive Collective and honey production

Bees are a life force on our planet and the pollinators that help plants grow, breed and produce food, from almonds and vanilla and apples to squashes. Bees also pollinate around 80% of wildflowers, so our jungle would be far less interesting and beautiful without them. However, bee populations are declining due to habitat loss and the effects of climate change. Hearts in Action recognizes the importance of bees to nature and to our lives, so we are creating a beekeepers collective to help our bees not only survive, but thrive! We are also working in collaboration with the community to teach the best bee practices and produce some of the world's finest honey.