Our passion is people, and our people are passionate.

Such a strong foundation is rooted in the people who build it. We’re not only surrounded by beautiful land but beautiful people, who share the same goals and values.


Mario Babarczy

Mario is one of the founders and Executive Director of HIA. Raised a jungle boy in the Amazon outside of Iquitos, Peru, he started his career in a Peruvian fishing and mining company before being called into ministry. Known as “super Mario”, his dedication to training leaders, sharing with youth and developing curriculum over the years has produced a harvest in millions of lives. Currently Mario is working on a national level in Guatemala & Colombia influencing the educational system with a program of values.


Suzanne Babarczy

Suzanne, the Educational Director of HIA, grew up in Philadelphia and has always loved working with children. She began her career teaching camps at a young age and during university traveled the Americas where she met her husband in Peru. Since then, her love for children & culture have led her on adventures around the world and uniquely equipped her to run the Jungle School. Under her direction, the school continues to grow and reach more children from villages where quality education is scarce. She also launched a new business recently and has plans for others to better education, nutrition and provide new jobs in her community.

Over the years, she and Mario have lived an exceptional adventure, traveled the globe & shared with thousands of leaders, teachers and young people. As international speakers and gifted teachers they raise awareness and challenge students of all ages to create positive change in our world.

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