We've gone solar

December 18, 2020
Adrea Sanchez

You can help The Jungle School become more sustainable through a new solar campaign.


This is the right time and the right place for solar energy. We are on the final stretch of the fire reconstruction of our giant building. If you are new to our story we had a terrible fire in 2020 that caused major damage to the facilities. If you have been following the updates then it is our joy to share with you that we are approaching the finish line on rebuilding offices, dormitories, new vocational classrooms and a library.

As we finish up reconstruction we have been presented with the amazing opportunity to go solar! You can join us in this new solar campaign by clicking on the link below and giving a gift of any amount. With each gift you make the ranch and Jungle school become more sustainable. We see this transition to solar power as an important and pivotal move towards longevity for the entire HIA ranch and school campus.

If you have visited us in the jungle you may recall the intensity of the heat. Lately, the sunny days are up over F104 degrees and we are excited to announce that we are able to utilize that amazing power from the sun to help bring down costly electric bills, provide for ongoing sustainability and more dependable energy for the whole ranch!

According to Energy Sage costs for a 10 kilowatt solar panel installation for an average house in the U.S. ranges are from $17,760 to $35,828. In comparison, we can have solar panels installed for the entire ranch and school campus for $ 40,000!